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Beaches in Pakistan: Camping in Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir Beach is a smart destination in Pakistan for travelers looking for a weekend gateway and camping, distinct by the majestic rock formations in the plains of Balochistan, facing the Arabian Sea. Another attraction nearby is the Hingol National Park, one of the largest national parks in our country.

The peaceful shores of Kund Malir Beach invite visitors to camp and count the stars, and spend the day picnicking or just chilling out. We organize trips to Kund Malir departing from Karachi, including arrangements of tents, sleeping bags, BBQ, and other facilities you need informing us in advance

The Lure of the Lahore

A visit to the Lahore Museum when in Pakistan is a must. It is the perfect place to understand how present day Lahore was shaped by its long history.

The Lahore is the largest and arguably most impressive museum in the country. It features exhibits that give visitors an extensive history of the area. Ironically, the museum was actually founded in 1865, a time when the country was under British rule.

The museum holds everything from artifacts of the Stone Age to various Qurans as well as a large amount of Mughal and Sikh artwork. However, the Lahore Museum also contains a lot of Buddhist art visitors can admire. One of the gems of the museum is the grand Gandharan sculpture.

The museum is wheelchair accessible and open 9am-5pm Sunday-Thursday. Note that it is closed every first Monday of the month.

Crabbing Tour & Seafood in Karachi

Karachi has one of the best natural harbors in Southern Asia and sailing on the Arabian Sea in a traditional decorated boat is a smart travel experience while visiting Pakistan. The boat trip on the Arabian Sea lasts between 2h30min and three hours, departing from the Kemari Port, accessible driving 30 minutes from Karachi, as well as by rickshaw and by bus.

As the Arabian Sea is abundant on crabs, prawns, and different fishes, this idea perfectly suits for seafood tasting. You have the chance to taste freshly caught crabs served in the form of crab masala, crab cutlets, crab lollipops, prawn masala, aloo bujiya, tomato chutney, parathas, and naan, accompanied by cold drinks and mineral water.

Cafè Bogie: Place for Foodies in Karachi

Cafè Bogie is one of the main hang out spots for foodies in Karachi, distinctly located in a train bogie, one of the places we include on Friday night tours we organize to guide travelers who want to discover the city like a true Karachiite.

Their menu includes matka qulfi, pizza, waffles, barbecues, chicken tikka, chicken karahi, sandwiches, shakes, tea, and more. Live music also takes place at Cafè Bogie on the weekends, especially on Friday night.

Address: I.i Chundigar Road, Karachi

Doodh Soda

Soda and milk sound like they’d go together about as well as vodka in cereal. But when chilled milk, soda, and sugar combine, the frothy final product is a delicious treat not unlike a lassi.

Since you can use many different types of soda to make this, there are various flavors to choose from. However, 7Up is usually the soda of choice. Many places have also begun to use almond milk as a substitute for whole milk.

Doodh may sound like a refreshing summertime drink, but it’s also delicious made with warm milk in the wintertime. Typically drunk in the morning since it’s easy to digest, this unique substitute to coffee will definitely give you some morning energy. Doodh soda is very popular in both Pakistan and India and can be found in most cafes. Dude, you’re gonna love Doodh.

Trekking Across the Wakhan Corridor in Pakistan

The Wakhan Corridor is one of the main trekking routes in Pakistan and smart travelers must be aware of the logistics of the trek is tricky for multiple reasons, so help from a local travel agency is the best option to plan and arrange routes.

The starting point for the trek along the Wakhan Corridor is Kishmanja, accessed by many travelers in a long journey starting through a 14-hour bus ride from Islamabad to Chitral, then hiring transportation to Mastuj that takes 4 hours, and finally a 10-hour ride to Kishmanja.

Karakoram Highway in Pakistan: 8th Wonder of the World

Karakoram Highway, known as the Eighth Wonder of the World, is one of the highlights of the trip to Hunza Valley in Pakistan. This highway is also one of the highest paved roads across the globe, running through the magnificent Karakoram Mountains with two astonishing viewpoints en route.

One viewpoint is the Nanga Parbat where you can see the “Killer Mountain” rising at 8,129 meters, and the next viewpoint is the Junction Point of the highest mountains in the world: the Karakoram, the Hindu Kush, and the Himalayas. Both viewpoints are among the best spots for photographers in Pakistan.

Flying Over Lahore

For travelers willing to fly over Lahore, Pakistan’s cultural capital known for its gorgeous architecture we can arrange a 4-person jet taking off from a flying club on NFC Road. As the jet flies at a reasonable speed, 40-60 miles per hour, you have the opportunity to see from the skies the iconic Lahore’s landmarks such as the Minar-e-Pakistan, the Walled City, the Old Lahore, and other important heritage sites while guided by the pilot.

The flight tours over Lahore are available between 10:00h and 16:00h since the weather conditions are appropriate. We recommend carrying sunglasses, sunblock, as well as inform us in advance if you have any special need when flying and, of course, bringing your cameras to take aerial shots of Lahore.

Pakistani Visa Requirements

A visa is required for travel to Pakistan, and the process of obtaining one can seem more complicated than trying to drunkenly take off a romper.

You have to apply for one in your country of permanent residence, so don’t expect to be able to go to Pakistan on a whim while already traveling. It will take about 4-6 weeks for the application to process.

Certain Pakistani embassies in certain cities have different requirements such as purpose of trip, length of trip, a confirmed flight itinerary, and a list of the places you plan on visiting.

Visas are usually good for anywhere from one to three months. You can extend your visa in many major Pakistani cities such as Lahore. If you overstay your visa, a fine or jail time will be required of you. You also must obtain official approval to leave the country.

The Hospitality is Real

Pakistan is a country known for its extreme hospitality to visitors as hospitality and respect are both major components of Islam.

If a family is hosting a guest, often times neighbors will consider that person their guest as well and treat them as such. Many Pakistanis consider guests as a blessing.

Often, locals will offer (or insist) to pay for your meals, invite you to dinner at their homes, and carry your bags. For those of us taught to be wary of “stranger danger”, this may be a bit overwhelming at first. Just remember that the hospitality is part of their culture, and residents are simply trying to be nice and make guests feel safe and welcome. If you feel awkward letting people you barely know or don’t know at all pay for you, you can always try and offer them a gift as a form of gratitude.

Skiing & Winter Sports in Pakistan: Swat Valley

Known as the ‘Switzerland of the East’, Swat Valley is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, driving 5 hours from Islamabad, and attracts travelers looking for adventure and skiing in Pakistan, in the middle of the snowy peaks.

A ski resort you can go in Swat is the Malam Jabba Hill Station (Malam Jabba Ski Resort), open on the winter months from December to February, and also suitable for beginners. This resort is equipped with modern facilities such as skiing platforms, ice-skating rinks, chair lift, rope course, zip liner, tubbies, and more.

Exploring Manora Island in Karachi

Exploring Manora Island in Karachi is an option smart travelers have, and we recommend while doing a boat trip on the Arabian Sea, departing from the Kemari Port. In this island, you find the largest lighthouse in Pakistan, the 1,000-year-old Hindu temple Shri Varun Dev, a Sikh Gurdwara, an old church, and a diverse community of locals. And the island attracts many locals who go for a picnic.

Travelers going to Manora Island must take their document as there is a security check for visitors. Last, not least, don’t go to Manora as well as to a boat trip without tasting the local fresh seafood.

Jeep Ride in Gorakh Valley

For travelers who enjoy a jeep ride and a road trip, we recommend booking a day trip to Gorakh Hill Station, the highest point in the province of Sindh, where the city of Karachi is located. From the meeting in Karachi, Millenium Mall, the day trip sets off to Gorakh around midnight driving through the National Highway on a bus.

Around 10 a.m., the group disembarks the bus and departs to Gorakh Hill Station in 4×4 jeeps for three hours, and this journey offers the opportunity to spot some of the famous birds of Sindh such as the Lammergeier vulture, Egret, Houbara bustard, and more.

After lunch, you have the chance to do a trekking to Benazir point, the most spectacular view in Sindh, and Gorakh is one of the best places in Pakistan to enjoy the night sky due to the altitude and absence of pollution.

Keep storage backup if going on tour for many days

I belong to beautiful country Pakistan. A few days I was gone to abroad for religious purposes. As the world is beautiful from every aspect so there I seen some appealing scenes which I wish to capture in my camera. But unfortunately I don’t have enough space in my mobile so I have to dig into my mobile to find useless files. I removed some less important content and then captured that beautiful view.

There was a lot views but I have to skip some of them. If I have storage backup then I can move my mobile data there and then capture everything which I want.

Don’t Cross Me

A giant cross in a majority Muslim country probably isn’t something you’d expect. Yet Asia’s largest cross standing at 140 feet or 14 stories high can be found in the Gora Qabristan Cemetery in Karachi, Pakistan.

A few years ago, Pakistani man named Parvez Gill woke up from a dream in which he claimed god told him to build this cross to unite Muslims and Christians. He believed that his mission was to help protect Pakistani Christians. Gill wanted to convince Christians, many of whom flee the country because of persecution and abuse, to have hope and stay in their country.

The cemetery itself is often riddled with trash, and graves and crosses have been purposely destroyed. Gill hopes to improve the cemetery and believes the cross will help unite the different religions.

The cross is said to be bulletproof, making it a good location for a La Roux concert.

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